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Offering a trusted, caring and safe journey that prioritises your health, uniting top-tier medical care with expert travel arrangements.

What We Do

Full Service Travel Agency

We have over 10 years of experience in all aspects of both domestic and international travel requirements, and our full service means that you can books all kinds of travel to all types of destinations. 

The exceptional service we offer is driven by the belief that every individual and journey is unique, and so we know that the highest levels customer satisfaction cannot always be achieved by a simple online booking platform – things often need to be customised and adapted to suit specific needs.

With every booking, we will always look at and consider all of the available options, and will always present these for consideration – sometimes coming up with possibilities or options that you may not have considered yourself.

Tailor-Made Medical Tourism Experiences

We are dedicated to creating personalised medical tourism recommendations and travel arrangements, ensuring each client has a uniquely positive experience. This approach is the reason why our clients frequently recommend us. We believe in the importance of individualized care.

Your assigned Client Consultant will invest time in understanding your specific needs and preferences. Based on this in-depth understanding, we craft a custom itinerary that aligns seamlessly with your unique medical travel requirements, ensuring a journey that is as individual as you are.


Finding Your Ideal Medical Match For Your Unique Requirements

We excel in meticulously pairing you with the most appropriate medical clinics and medical professionals tailored to your specific surgical and aesthetic goals, medical background, and physiological characteristics. With each itinerary being custom designed.

We offer a comprehensive service that can be as inclusive or selective as you prefer.

This encompasses everything from arranging:

Additionally, we can organise various excursions and cater to special requests – all to ensure your experience is perfectly suited to your needs and preferences.

Our Services

Air Travel Services, a leader in Australian Travel & Medical Tourism since 2011, offers a trusted, caring and safe journey that prioritises your health. Uniting top-tier medical care with expert travel arrangements, ensuring a supportive environment, committed to your well-being every step of the way, making your travel both secure and comforting.

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